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Hello my name is Ron. Thanks for visiting my site, hoped you enjoyed the images! I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division for Graphic Design and earlier in life I was good at free hand art. However I always had a passion for photography. I'm seeing its the love of my life now. Being technically correct (working your equipment) to capture that perfect visual message is a thrill for me. In addition to that, to practice the skill to actual capture an effective visual message is always the goal for a true artist. Mentioning a "true artist", a true artist doesn't care if he/she sells one piece of creativeness, over caring when some one likes your works or when it inspires another person... that is the true gratification!!! I use my camera equipment so I can continue to create visual images to display ART, from a landscape image to a single  target, my goal is to always create "Art". I've  been very creative from childhood to now. My laid back, down to earth attitude makes me relatable to most people I meet. I am highly critical of my work and will make sure my work is "100". A photographer's quiz labeled me as a "technical Photographer", this description was a result of a set of images to pick from for answers to the various questions in your view point (what image (s) do you like for that question). In addition to that  your results determine your mind set when it came to photography. So that result is the attitude that "your next shot is your best shot", I knew the quiz was legit then, at least for me, because that's how I been feeling my whole life when it came to my creativity. So think what's that really saying about a person, 1. maybe it suggest that he/she are ALWAYS striving to get better with the works they produce, or 2. that the last shot just really sucked and you have to do it either way that true artist (at heart) ALWAYS wants to be better,  so it doesn't matter if it was striving or the last shot sucked, I always want the next image to be better than the last, even if the last image was good! And lastly, Photo shoots with me are ALWAYS professional, from the studio shoots to on location photography.

EyeTakePhotos studio is a converted dining room located in a secure and safe apartment complex.

EyeTakePhotos studio is a converted dining room located in a secure and safe apartment complex.

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